I am a Sarasota native and have lived here almost my whole life, except for 5 years when I lived in South Dakota. Yup, South Dakota. I grew up playing sports half of the time and reading or learning the other half of the time, so becoming a personal trainer was a natural fit for my personality. I love to work out and teach other people how to love working out. I am always reading articles and researching new techniques and moves, so my workouts are fresh and creative. I love to expose clients to new things so they can push themselves to their full potential. I specialize in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), HIRT (High Intensity Resistance Training), weight training, and yoga inspired workouts. Yoga is my other love so I look forward to earning my certification in the near future.

In my 20’s, I dealt with some severe health issues and that experience completely changed my outlook on life. I recognized the importance of loving and accepting yourself as you are, and really LIVING every day of your life. I went to college for almost 13 years, obtained a graduate degree, was successful in the corporate world, and lived the traditional life. Getting sick helped me truly understand that our time here is finite, and I realized I had to change my life and start actively living it. Core Fitness has been my platform to fulfill that dream and bring those ideas to other people. It was good nutrition habits and fitness that helped me regain my health and get my life back. I have never seen working out as the means to getting a great body or perfect abs, but rather as a way to keep myself healthy and strong. I believe one should focus on being healthy and happy, the aesthetic results will come as a byproduct. I know this isn’t what one might expect to hear from a personal trainer, but my life experiences have taught me what is truly important and I feel compelled to help others see that perspective in their own lives. The rewards I get from working with my clients seeing them be proud of themselves when they achieve their goals, or overcome obstacles they thought they couldn’t overcome, far outweighs any amount of money I might earn working for a huge corporation. Every day I feel that I am actively living my life and doing something positive with my skills..


  • HIIT Training
  • HIRT Training
  • Weight Lifting
  • Yoga


  • Masters of Business Admin
  • Savage Race Syndicate Finisher
  • Spartan Race Trifecta Finisher
  • RYT 200 – November 2017

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