• January Focus – Calorie Burn

    January Focus – Calorie Burn

    January Focus – Calorie Burn!!

    Our focus this month is burning as many calories as we can. Everyone knows that December is usually a month full of parties, dinners, and all kinds of food that we might not normally eat. It is not uncommon for us to get a little bit “squishy” this time of year 😉 So, we want to start the year by working off those extra calories and getting ourselves in gear for an awesome 2018!!

    Our goal as your trainers this month is to push you during your workouts and offer high intensity drills which will increase your metabolic rate. Although we have kick ass workouts planned for you, it is important for all of our clients to understand that your calorie burn is DIRECTLY tied to how hard you are working. The key is to work to your full capacity at all times so you can burn the most calories. It is NOT about working as hard as the person next to you, or simply completing the reps we have asked of you. It
    is about pushing yourself to your limit and giving everything you have. I love to say that progress lives in the last few reps you do after you want to quit. Those are the reps that make the difference.

    Starting this month, we are also offering a monthly challenge to go along with our focus. Since we are burning calories this month, our challenge will be focused on sprints. This is one of the most effective full body calorie burners out there, and it’s a great measure of your overall fitness. We encourage all of you to talk to our trainers about timing your sprints and then spend the month working to improve that time. There is a proper way to sprint, so make sure you work with one of us to get the form down as
    well. And if you have a different challenge in mind, we are happy to work with you on that too.

    So, let Calorie Burn January commence and we’ll see you in class!

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