• December Focus – Balance Month

    December Focus – Balance Month

    Balance can mean a lot of things, especially when talking about health and fitness. So, let us tell you a little bit about why we want to focus on balance this month.

    December is a hectic month for most of us, and our regular routine often gets lost in the holiday shuffle. There are a lot of parties, food brought to the office, late nights, extra events, etc. All of this change to our routine can make it difficult to maintain balance. This month in particular, we encourage you to focus on keeping your diet balanced. By this, we mean don’t beat yourself up because you ate some holiday cookies, but don’t spend your days eating anything and everything you come across. There is nothing wrong with enjoying holiday foods you don’t normally eat, but in moderation. And remember to keep up with the good habits, like good hydration and getting your fruit and veggie servings.

    Every year we see members who stop coming to the gym towards the end of the year and tell us they are planning to “start again in January.” If you are thinking this way, we encourage you to find balance in your schedule and make it to at least some classes during the month of December. Even if you only work out 25% as much as usual, you will still maintain some level of fitness. If you quit for an entire month, you are close to starting over when you return in January. We know schedules can get crazy, but don’t throw in the towel. It’s much better for you and easier to come back if you keep your body moving.

    And finally, of course there are the physical benefits of balance. Learning to balance on one leg or arm, or strengthen your ability to maintain or regain your balance is paramount to physical fitness. Most people don’t think about how much muscular activity is involved in maintaining balance, or the strength required. Good balance is a testament to physical fitness and often takes incredible strength. As we age, this ability specifically becomes extremely important and can be the difference between staying mobile and losing your independence. And don’t forget that learning to balance and strengthening those muscles requires that you LOSE your balance. Be patient and know that wobbling is how you learn to balance, so don’t try to skip the struggle!

    For this month, see if you can find balance in your life and maybe even choose a physical balance goal to work on in the gym. Our trainers are here to answer any questions you have about diet or fitness goals and we wish you all the happiest of holiday seasons.

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