• October Focus – Burpee Month!

    October Focus – Burpee Month!

    Everyone loves to hate burpees =) But for some reason we have to do them all of the time! I’m guessing you have wondered a time or two, “Why the F do we do burpees so much?”. Well, there are lots of reasons but it all boils down to the fact that this one exercise covers all of your bases when it comes to fitness. Here are some of the key points:

    • Work your entire body at once (upper, lower, core)
    • Offer strengthening, plyometric, and cardio benefits with one move
    • Provide high calorie burn due to high intensity and full body involvement
    • Can be part of almost any workout and can be done in a small space with no equipment
    • There are endless variations to keep it interesting or increase/decrease difficulty
    • Make you feel like a badass =)

    Now that you know why burpees are such a good addition to your fitness routine I’m sure you
    will start loving them right away! LOL, okay probably not. But at least you know we don’t
    make you do them just to be mean. They really are an excellent way to get in shape and to gauge
    your fitness abilities.

    As always, talk to one of our trainers if you need help with your burpee form, are looking to
    increase your burpee performance, or need modifications because burpees just don’t work for
    you. Looking forward to a month of strengthening and burning calories with BURPEES!!

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